Saturday, April 10, 2021


From the desk of the publisher: Today, we remember


Today, we remember.

We remember the 3,000 people who lost their lives in America – in one single day, in a single moment.

We remember what will forever be known as the darkest and most tragic day to ever take place on American soil.

We remember the planes, the towers, the smoke, the flames, the screams and sounds of horror that still echo through our minds – haunting our very souls. We remember how it changed our country – we were no longer were we the land of the free; America was under attack.

Today, we remember that very moment when we became aware our situation. Watching our televisions, listening to our radios in horror – helpless and unable to do anything.

We remember watching the second plane hit the south tower. We watched flames, and glass and metal fall from the iconic towers – phone boards became jammed, loved ones unable to reach their significant other.

We listened to the gasps of news broadcasters, speechless in their reports – a vocal media turns silent for just one moment.

It was the day that shook Americans to its core.

With all of the ciaos, and fright – we had hope. There was one breed of Americans who took upon the call of duty, ignoring the danger, dodging the flames and falling debris – they entered the towers as dozens ran out. They climbed the stairs, searched every room helping those who were in need. These men and woman stood in the streets with their own fears, only to calm the cries of women and children then directing them safety.

Ladies and gentlemen, these brave individuals are our nation’s first responders – the men and women, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, of the NYPD and the NYFD.

We are, the home of the brave.

As our nation’s bravest members entered a whole other hell; they looked past their own safety to save the lives of others.

We remember that very moment when just as a flash before our very eyes, the south tower collapses to a pile of steel and glass– as the dust settled, the north tower falls to the same fate.

We remember the horror, as 110 stores of steal, glass and other materials consumed upon itself – falling ever so gently to the ground. The ash consumed everything in its path, the streets filled with smoke – it was an unimaginable horror. The images from our televisions screens reminisced something that appeared to be out of history books – not an attack on American land; but this my friends was on our land.

We remember those who entered the towers ablaze, braved the danger, with hopes to save the trapped – but only to become victims themselves.

We remember, this day as the moment when our nation went to war on terrorism. Our young men and women were shipped overseas – some to never come home again.

We remember Flight 93, where 40 brave individuals stood up to evil himself – these passengers and crew-members sacrificed their lives preventing an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

We also remember the lives of those who perished in Flight 77, crashing into the nations Pentagon.

Today America, it is the day to remember the innocent lives that were lost on September 11, 2001 – the day America went silent. It was also the day we joined hands as a nation.

It is that very day to remember the lives of our nation’s police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, and military soldiers who served for the common good of our nation’s people – and to honor those who continue to serve and protect its citizens with their gentile hearts.

Today is the day we remember who we are – we are Americans. Our nations pride grew overnight. Flags flown at homes that flew none before. Today we remember when strangers held doors open for others and we said our ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’. We remember when we didn’t take life for granted, and valued one another. We told our loved ones that we loved them and became a pleasant society. As quickly as those towers fell, we’ve grown apart, segregated one and another, and point our crooked fingers.

Today is the day we must remember that “We the People of the United States” are of one nation standing together, providing a more perfect union, establish a semblance of justice to keep our nation safe, promoting positive behavior and forever securing the blessings of debt free liberty for generations to come. – Yes, this is America

Today, is the day we remember, and will never forget.


God Bless America.



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