Tuesday, March 2, 2021


My Little Mayberry: Twelve Days of Christmas – Local Gifts

Holidays! Ack! What to give? Why not local gifts? Ideas:

  1. Star Thistle Honey – we have at least three apiaries offering it
  2. Rice! I know folks worldwide crying out for our rice products.
  3. Nuts – perfect for holiday time. Like relatives. I’m just sayin-
  4. Fruit – Satsumas and pears are sweet and healthy gifts
  5. Olive Oil – Granzellas and Sutter Buttes Oil are outstanding
  6. Olives – who can resist an almond stuffed olive?
  7. Haircuts/styling – let your family/friends start the year looking great
  8. Take out of town visitors to Sweet Beans for a coffee break
  9. Restaurant Gift Certificates – Give someone a delicious night off
  10. Kittles gift certificate – gear or actual fishing/hunting day trips
  11. Massage – both Colusa and Williams have expert practitioners

And last but not least, number 12) A subscription to the WPR! Support your truly local paper AND help a former Colusa County dweller, college student, or local who wants to stay in the know keep up to date. Happy Holidays All!

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