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Letters to the Editor

An Open Letter to the Voters of Colusa County,

I, Wayne Zoller, served as the Assessor of Colusa County and I have worked with both candidates running for the office of Assessor for many years, and I have found Arnold Gross Jr. to be the only candidate qualified to serve as a “working” Assessor. So ¬†therefore, I am endorsing him. The following are the reasons why.

  • only candidate to possess an Advanced Appraisal Certificate(mandatory for an Assistant Assessor)
  • only candidate who can appraise gas wells, saving the county $100,000+ a year
  • only candidate versed in the assessment appeals process
  • has an excellent working relationship with all Assessor’s office staff
  • only candidate who has a working knowledge of the Williamson Act
  • is a candidate with integrity, honesty, and knowledge about all facets of the Assessor’s job
  • can perform the duties as Assessor “on Day 1”

Please vote for Arnold Gross Jr. for Colusa County Assessor on June 3.


/s/ Wayne Zoller
Former Colusa County Assessor


Letter in Support of Andrea Correa for Colusa County Assessor,

I am writing this letter as I feel Andrea Correa is the best candidate for the office of Colusa County assessor. She not only worked closely with Dan O’Connell and was his choice for assessor, but has managed the office, done budgets, and knows the total workings of the assessors office. The Assessor’s position not only involves appraisal of properties, that is what the position of appraiser is for, but to manage staff, complete budgets on time and complete the tax rolls in a timely manner.

I therefore support Andrea Correa for Assessor of Colusa County

/s/ Lynne Spivak



Joe Garofalo for Colusa County Sheriff

Having been a past Colusa County Supervisor for 28 years I’ve seen many new employees develop into being great assets to our county.  One in particular is Joe Garofalo.

Joe and his family have four generations invested in Colusa County.  Joe has worked through the ranks and has experience in all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office.  Joe has continued with various courses of Law Enforcement not only for me and the department, but for the citizens of our county.

We need a Sheriff like Joe that has experienced the changes in the past and has foresight for changes in our future.

I ask for your vote for Joe Garofalo on June 3rd.

Thank you,

/s/ David G. Womble
Retired Colusa COunty Supervisor


Letter of Support for Andrea Correa

I respectfully request your vote for Andrea as she is more qualified to be your next Colusa County Assessor.

Mrs. Correa has expertise in all facets of the Assessor’s Office. From Budget and Grants, Appraisals, Transfers to assisting you, the Tax-Payer at the front counter.

Andrea has always kept up with new techniques through seminars and classes, most at her own time and expense, so as to better assist the people of Colusa County.

Andrea and her family were all born and raised here, they’ve taken part in all school and local activities and are Grass-Roots oriented.

I urge your vote for integrity, experience and our future well-being.

/s/ David G. Womble
Retired Colusa COunty Supervisor

To The Tax Payers of Colusa County:

Andrea Correa for Colusa County Assessor 2014

Andrea Correa has our personal endorsement for COlusa County Assessor 2104. We both have worked with Andrea Correa for the past 35 years. As a person and County Employee, we agree, she possesses positive leadership and administrative skills which are second to none! Andrea Correa has the overall knowledge of the daily operation within the Assessor’s Office to include appraisal knowledge and has the communication skills to collaborate with local and outside agencies throughtout the State of California. Andrea Correa also has excellent computer skills which allow her to continue to administer and keep safe the vast amount of data within the County tax system. Andrea Correa works well with the Board of Supervisors and County Department Heads’ and would make an excellent Ambasador for the taxpayer’s of Colusa County. We all should want an Assessor who is committed to the job (full terms), is knowledgeable of the State Board laws and is someone who will bring accountability to the department. Andrea Correa has the Administrative expierence needed for this position and is dedicated to serving you!

Please join us and vote: Andrea Correa for Colusa County Assessor 2014

/s/ Glenn “Deke” Mathis
/s/ Marion Mathis

Dear Editor,

The Colusa County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has voted to endorse Joe Garofalo for Colusa County Sheriff.

As the Sheriff of Colusa County we know he will be the leader and representative that he has so often been in the past as an active member, President and Vice-President of this organization. His leadership in the department has been recognized for years. We feel that he is clearly the only qualified candidate for Sheriff.

Garofalo has the experience and knowledge to get things done and is a proven leader. We are proud to endorse him for Sheriff.

We look forward to serving the people of Colusa County with Sheriff Garofalo for the next four years.


/s/ Mike Bradwell
Colusa County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

To the Voters of Colusa County,

We would like to endorse Mr. Arnold Gross Jr. for the position of Colusa County Assessor. We feel this will provide a smooth and efficient transition for both the taxpayers and employees of Colusa County.

Mr. Gross has been an appraiser for Colusa County for 30 years and is the current Chief Appraiser. He stands out because he is professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, and fair. In the office- he is a true team player. Mr. Gross handles the evaluations of gas wells, Williamson Act Properties, residential properties, and large commercial appeals. He manages the appraisal department as well as the Auditor /Appraiser and Drafting Tech. He has always worked closely with the clerical staff to provide excellent customer service to Colusa County Taxpayers.

Mr. Gross is the only candidate who has passed all the state board classes required to maintain his Advanced Appraisal Certificate. He is also the only candidate who has been trained to successfully handle complex Commercial appraisals. By definition, this makes him the only candidate that met the requirements to be Assistant Assessor when that position went vacant over 10 years ago.

According to the Colusa County Assessor Website, one of the Assessor’s duties is to “value all real property.” Mr. Gross is the only candidate with the real working appraisal experience and credentials to do this.

We have all worked with Arnold Gross for many years and feel he is the most qualified person for the job. We truly appreciate your time and consideration when you cast your vote on June 3rd.
/s/ Edward Salacup                                           /s/ Mike Cerney
Auditor/Appraiser                                            Appraiser II

/s/ Renee Ross                                                     /s/ Michelle Savage
Appraiser I                                                            Transfer Analyst

/s/ Linda Walker                                                 /s/ Valerie Durbin
Assessment Technician                                   Assessment Technician

Supports Teragawa

Dear Colusa County Voters

I am pleased to support Gary Teragawa for Colusa County Sheriff/Coroner.

I have known Gary for more than 10 years in his position as CHP Commander, as a community leader on The Economic Development Corporation Board, the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce Board  as well as a fellow Colusa Rotarian member.

Gary’s organizational and administrative skills have helped all groups and organizations that he has worked with.

Gary is a true professional with the law enforcement and administration experience to be an asset as to the citizens of Colusa County as Sheriff/Coroner.

He has my full support in his bid for the office.

/s/ Ed Hulbert, CEO
Colusa Industrial Properties

To the citizens of Colusa County,

Please consider this my formal endorsement of ANDREA CORREA for Colusa County Assessor. Andrea is a lifelong resident of Colusa County, her work ethic; honesty and passion for this County make her the clear choice for this position. Her leadership and communication skills will serve the county well to make fair, well informed decisions to benefit all citizens, farmers and businesses. Andrea is focused on the improvement of the County, which is evident by her involvement in numerous community events and county organizations. I believe that hard work, initiative and dedication deserves my vote, and I hope that you do as well! You can demonstrate that by joining me and voting ANDREA CORREA for Colusa County Assessor 2014.

/s/ Greg Ponciano –¬†Mayor, City of Colusa



My name is Steve Sciortino and I have been an employee of the Assessor’s Office for 35 years. I have worked with both candidates running for Assessor and my vote goes to Andrea Correa, a 28 year County Employee.

Andrea Correa is the current Supervising Assessment Office Manager who is also a Certified Property Tax Appraiser. In 2003 the Assistant Assessor retired and those duties were assigned to Andrea Correa and she continues to perform them today. Those duties include Budget and Grant preparation, State reporting, annual Budget, Staff and Assessment Roll data for the State, is the Roll Turnover Supervisor and Tax System Administrator just to mention a few.

Andrea Correa also has training and experience in Appraisals, Petroleum Properties, Personal Property & Fixtures, Exemptions, and Change in Ownership, Transfers, Appeals (average of 2-4 each year) and the Williamson Act and has attended over 40 trainings in Supervision, Ethics, Management and Leadership. She is more than qualified to value properties and she supervises the staff that reviews and processes this work daily and has been doing so for the past 12 years.

Andrea Correa also knows every operation within the Assessor’s Office regarding real property, starting with map-ping and property descriptions; to the Transfer Analyst who processes the transfer or change in ownership; to the appraisal completion where sale price (the best indicator of value) is the standard practice used for many years within the Assessor’s Office while the Technician inputs the values, reviewing them for errors. Andrea Correa¬†directly supervises the staff handling all of the processes which makes her very experienced in all aspects of the appraisal process.

Andrea Correa is responsible for the Personal Property forms that are produced in January along with supervision of the staff that handles this process. During our year of staff shortage, Andrea Correa valued the personal property along with the help of her staff to make sure the work was completed for the turnover process which must be closed by June 30 each year . That takes initiative as well as experience!

Andrea Correa is one of 12 employees within the Assessor’s Office and is the Supervising Assessment Office Manager. I would hate to see anyone minimize the efforts of the other 9 employees that are not responsible for the real property appraisals as there are many other functions within the Assessor’s Office. Also, beware, any internal support for her opponent is self-serving as those individuals stand to gain by advancement if the opponent were elected. In addition, for many years the Colusa County Assessor’s Office had a contract employee who performed the Gas Well appraisals. Unfortunately this employee passed away in 2007 and the Assessor temporarily took over these duties. The current Interim Assessor, Chuck Niepoth, is valuing the gas wells as well as supervising the Williamson Act. The new Assessor can look at additional options for both programs in the future.

Andrea Correa is the only candidate with experience in every category mentioned above. She IS the most qualified candidate. Please join me in voting for ANDREA CORREA FOR COLUSA COUNTY ASSESSOR 2014.

/s/ Steve Sciortino


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