Saturday, February 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Joe Garofalo for Sheriff

Dear Editor:

As a mother, County Supervisor, and Colusa County native, the economic future of our region, the education of our children, as well as our safety will always be my top priority.  The way of life we cherish would not be possible if our safety and security was threatened. For this reason, I wanted to express my opinion as well as my support for Joe Garofalo, a fellow Colusa County native and Candidate for Sheriff.

In the last eight months, Joe has run a perfect and honorable campaign but more importantly he has spent a lifetime serving and protecting our communities.  The job, the uniform and the North State are much more than a paycheck, an outfit and words to Joe Garofalo.  He worked full time for Colusa County in the Jail to pay his way through the Police Academy and was later hired as a Deputy Sheriff.  There, his passion for our community and his work ethic have enticed him to seek the office of Sheriff.

We all have a choice on June 3rd but for me, the choice is clear. There is one candidate in this race who was born to wear the badge and who will actually make a difference for our communities, and that is Joe Garofalo.  Over the last two decades, he has demonstrated that he is fit to lead the department, but his priorities will help to enhance our safety and solve some of the issues faced by both our communities and business leaders.

Joe’s focus on early intervention with beneficial youth programs and vocational training will help teach our children the difference between right and wrong.  Joe’s firm commitment to protecting our citizens, coupled with his knowledge of the backbone industry of our economy and his commitment to stopping the proliferation of agricultural crime will provide the basis for a stronger future here in Colusa County.


/s/ Kim Vann
Colusa County Supervisor

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