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Letter to the Editor: Bowling for Boobs

This is my summer story Colusa County, and it’s really all about you!

I It has been my pleasure to put together the “Bowling for Boobs” Event for the 2nd year now. First, I needed bowlers, participants to bowl at the event. 2nd, I needed volunteers, to help with registering bowlers, taking pictures, handling a raffle I was going to have, and misc. things.

Then 3rd, I needed donations for my raffle. This is where Colusa County really becomes important and surpassed my expectations, made my summer exceptional, and a summer I will never forget. 2014 is a summer I am very thankful for!

Advertising for bowlers for this fun event was really an easy task. I made some posters and stapled them around town. I tried to utilize the local papers to advertise for our non-profit event, however, with the exception of the amazing Williams Pioneer Review, I really did not have any luck. The Williams Pioneer Review, the free local paper, ran by Lloyd Green Jr., did have an article in it advertising our “Bowling 4 Boobs” event, and I am very thankful for that.

Also, working with him, Cindy Campbell at All Star Reality, the Colusa County Breast Cancer Fund Committee, we are able to thank our contributors and acknowledge what an amazing community we live in. All in all, 9 teams were expected to bowl 2 days prior to the event and we ended up with 11!

An amazing, outstanding, awe-stounding 11 teams and a donation of $1175, some bowlers contributed more than the $25 asked donation fee. This gave me goosebumps, and it didn’t stop there!

This summer, I felt it was very necessary when asking businesses to donate, that it be a very positive and mutual relationship. I had to realize that the year is half over, that the local businesses most likely have been asked many times to donate to many great causes before I walked into their establishment. There are many local causes like the football team, walk for life, yearbooks, pets, senior projects, and many more that already asked each business for a donation. And then in July, I walk into their business, with an amazing, local; all monies raised stays in Colusa County cause, Breast Cancer Fundraiser and ask them one more time for a donation. I wanted each local business to know that it did not need to be an extravagant donation; the littlest gift could go the longest way. I would encourage gift certificates to allow the recipient to go into their place of business, pick what they would like, but maybe also spend a little extra. It is so important for our community to support the businesses that are supporting us. Also, if they donated a large amount, give them the choice of giving two gift certificates to make two new customers, and I would get two raffle prizes. I was just hoping it was a mutual, symbiotic relationship. I was hoping to introduce a new customer to a new business also. The turnout was more exceptional than I could have imagined.

We need the businesses in Colusa County and they need us. They are ready to support local causes, so let’s keep our business local. Let’s be thankful for those who chose to open a business in this area. I know I am!

I know, I was able to talk to a lot of business owners this summer and they made me feel so wonderful after leaving their establishment. I had the greatest summer this year, full of friendship, helpfulness, and I can’t forget the fun we had!
Thank you so much!

Shannon Ibbotson
Colusa County Breast Cancer Fund
‘Bowling for Boobs’ event coordinator

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