Sunday, June 20, 2021



What’s out in a Drought?

Submitted by the Colusa Master Gardeners

Just as we become excited over reading the seed catalogs for new vegetables, we discover we are in a drought. Will we have enough water to sustain all we would like to plant?

Here are some suggestions to consider in your planning.

Forget about corn, which is a voracious water consumer.

Giant pumpkins are impressive not only in appearance, but in sucking up water.

Vine plants take more than their share of water. No anonymous gifts of zucchini for the neigh-bors.
Look for compact heat-tolerant varieties that produce edible leaves, roots or fruit. Look at vegetables developed for container gardening as they can grow in the ground also and ask for less water.

Perk up your cooking with the many herbs that need only once-a-week irrigation, including rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, lavender, marjoram and savory.

Another reality in this drought is that any trees you have will need water to replace the missing rains. It is a good idea to water fruit trees deeply in our dry winter this year to keep the roots hydrated as they normally would be. Full on irrigation isn’t necessary until the trees leaf out. An excellent re-source related to watering for the home orchardist is

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