Saturday, March 6, 2021


Mike West to Seek Colusa County Superintendent of Schools

At the regularly scheduled Board meeting of the Colusa Unified School District, Businessman and Colusa High School Assistant Principal, Mike West, formally announced his candidacy for the position of Colusa County Superintendent of Schools.

West has been working in many fields of education and business for over 35 years with the last 27 of those years living, working and enjoying the city of Colusa. West stated, “I have a tremendous apprecia-tion for the Colusa Unified School District, the community and county of Colusa.”

West moved to Colusa and opened his business, Jackpot Food Mart, with his wife Janis in the Fall of 1986. West got back into education in 1990 and has been actively involved with the community and coun-ty of Colusa since that time.

“As a teacher, Activities and Athletics Director, Site Administrator, City Council member and former Mayor, along with my 35 years of hands-on business experience, I understand the challenges and critical issues facing the Colusa County Office of Education and the School Districts it is sanctioned to assist. Because of these real-life experiences, I am very qualified to be a proactive leader and take on the duties of Colusa County Superintendent of Schools,” West declared.

“I will work effectively to increase the communication and cooperation as well as regain the trust between the Colusa County Office of Education and all of the districts it is bound to serve and support,” West stat-ed.

West is actively gathering information, petition signatures, as well as the thoughts and views of the school districts, administrators, educational employees and voters of Colusa County.
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