Thursday, March 4, 2021


Grimes Ladies Aid Society Support Teragawa

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The Grimes Ladies Aid Society member’s hosted Colusa County Sheriff candidate Gary Teragawa at their most recent meeting. The group, a longtime part of the Grimes community had thoughts and concerns to share with Teragawa.

The Grimes Ladies Aid was organized in 1901 and has continued to support projects that benefit the maintenance of the historic Community Church (circa 1875) in Grimes, and also supporting the Grand Island Elementary School and other community needs.

Teragawa shared a number of his own concerns and goals that he will achieve as sheriff.

The group was concerned that the patrols to the smaller towns in the county like Grimes are somewhat predictable. “The crooks know when there is patrol and when there isn’t,” the women said.

Teragawa agreed that the criminal element tend to know when there is a law enforcement presence and when there isn’t.

“As sheriff I would have overlapping shifts so that there isn’t a downtime,” he said. He also discussed implementing a user-friendly internet system in the community so that residents can be better prepared and more aware of things as they happen.

“There is a program; that is being successfully used in other counties,” he said.

The group also voiced concerns of growing drug problems not only in Grimes, but in the county as a whole.

Teragawa agreed that it definitely an issue in Colusa County. “The drug problems aren’t going to go away, but we can fight it by being more people and service orientated,” he said.

Teragawa’s theory is that there should be more anti-drug and anti-gang education at earlier ages. “We need to start with the kindergarten and not wait until middle school or junior high to implement these programs,” he said. “Crime prevention programs need to be a fulltime line item in the sheriff budget and every deputy needs to be fully trained in crime prevention and education,” he said.

The Grimes group gave their support to Teragawa stating that the county needs some-one with his strong administrative and leadership background.


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