Thursday, March 4, 2021


CAL Fire Helps Spread the Water Conservation Message

DroughtPoster_AltCalifornia firefighters have joined effort to save water!  In the midst of one of the driest periods in the State’s recorded history, CAL FIRE is heeding the Governor’s call to reduce water usage at all State facilities while maintaining a high state of readiness.

This week, CAL FIRE distributed signage to be used in more than 500 CAL FIRE facilities.  Carrying the message, “A gallon wasted here is a gallon lost here,” and depicting a firefighter putting water on a fire, the signs will spread the water conservation message to employees Statewide.

The Department is also rolling out a campaign calling on its employees to identify and implement creative water conservation measures.

Statewide, CAL FIRE has discontinued lawn watering and is limiting other landscape watering to high value landscape plants and continues to explore the use of drought tolerant landscaping.  Firefighters have reduced the washing of fire apparatus and other vehicles while maintaining operational and safety standards.  At fire stations, employees are minimizing shower times, turning water off when washing dishes, brushing teeth, and preparing food, washing only full loads of laundry and using the cold water setting, and using reclaimed water as much as possible.

CAL FIRE’s mission is to protect the property and resources of California, and the State’s water supply is one of its most precious resources. Director Ken Pimlott has called upon all CAL FIRE employees to be conscious of the drought conditions and the role they contribute to the State water system, and to be conscious of their role as stewards of the public trust and protectors of California’s resources.

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