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Road Rage Leads to Multiple Felony Arrests

According to Colusa County Authorities, a road rage incident occurring on Highway 20, during the evening of February 27th, 2014, had an unexpected and potentially dangerous impact on a vehicle traveling westbound at around 10:25 p.m.

The incident involved the vehicle of 24-year-old George Hernandez, of Willows, and his passenger 21-year-old Yvette Sanchez, of Willows, in a Green Honda and one other vehicle.

“Hernandez and one other vehicle were traveling from the Sutter County, passing each other and flashing their lights over an incident,” said Lt. Shane Maxey, “when the other vehicle was passing the suspect vehicle at the double passing lanes outside of Colusa the suspect vehicle began shooting an AR-15 out the vehicle window, in the air.”

The other vehicle called 911 and reported the vehicle description and was quickly spotted traveling northbound on Highway 45, just past Maxwell-Colusa Road.

“Officers seen a vehicle matching the description and made a stop,” said Maxey, “the suspects were cooperative and located the AR-15 on the back seat of the vehicle.”

In addition to locating the gun, officers found 7 ounces of marijuana, scales, and about $500 in cash.

The driver, Hernandez, was arrested on felony charges of willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner; exhibit or to draw a firearm in presence of motor vehicle occupant, possession of marijuana for sale and to sell or transport marijuana. In addition to the felony charges, Hernandez was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of shooting a firearm from a public road and was booked into the Colusa County Jail.

The passenger, Sanchez, was arrested on felony charges as an accessory, and possession of a controlled narcotic substance and was booked into the Colusa County Jail.

Although no one was harmed in the incident, the event had the potential to cause great bodily harm or even death to the other vehicle or surrounding motorists.


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