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Bleachball Tournament Helps Raise Funds for New Williams High School Gym Scoreboard

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The Williams High School Alumni hosted a Bleachball Classic Tournament at the Williams High School Gym, on Friday, March 7th, 2014 in efforts to raise funds to replace the gyms aging scoreboard system.

Ever heard of Bleachball? Williams High School physical education teacher, Cindy Gobel explains:

“Bleachball is a lead up game to lacrosse, and a non-contact sport that can be played inside or outdoors,” said Gobel who organized the event, “It is played with a gallon jug that has been turned into a scoop. A tennis ball is used and to score, the ball is thrown using the scoop, at a large garbage can that has been placed upside down at each end of the court.”

There are no boundaries once the game starts, the ball can be played bouncing off the walls and ceiling.

Local celebrity teams participated in the fundraiser that included the Williams Staff Members; FFA vs. FBLA; freshmen and Junior Girls vs. sophomore and Senior Girls; seventh and eighth grade girls vs. their moms; and seventh and eighth grade boys vs. their dads; Band vs. Drama Club; freshmen and Junior boys vs. sophomore and Senior boys; the Delta Theta Pi Sorority vs. the Citizens for a Better Williams; and the Brown & Gold vs. the Williams Fire Department.

Each group played for 30 minutes racking up as many points as they could get.

“Many of the teams were highly competitive,” said Gobel, “the FFA vs. FBLA was the most popular of the event.”

Gobel explained that the FBLA hired the Williams Softball Team to compete for them, leaving the organization in the stands taunting the FFA.

“They were the most competitive by far,” Gobel added.

Gobel first learned of Bleachball at a P.E. Teacher Conference a few years ago.

“It was fun, so I tried it with my class and they love it!” said Gobel

The event helped raise over $500, towards the new scoreboard.

“A new scoreboard would cost over $7,000,” said Gobel, “and we have raised $1,600 so far and we have some help from the Brown & Gold, but we are still far off from our goal.”

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