Thursday, March 4, 2021


Sheriff candidate Teragawa hosts Grimes Town Hall Meeting

Teragawa hosted town hall meeting in Grimes. (Submitted Photo)
Teragawa hosted town hall meeting in Grimes. (Submitted Photo)

Colusa County Sheriff candidate Gary Teragawa was joined by community members at a Grimes Town Hall meeting on March 10. The meeting was one of several such meetings hosted in the county by the candidate.

He is also visiting several civic groups in the county. Teragawa was met with support in Grimes as he answered questions and addressed concerns of the citizens gathered for the meeting.

Just as he did earlier this year when meeting with the Grimes Ladies Aid Society members, Teragawa addressed issues of predictable patrol times, the information common to the criminals as to when there is a law enforcement presence and when there is not. Teragawa said he believes that there should be overlapping shifts to avoid lapse time when criminals know there aren’t any officers on duty in the smaller communities.

He also shared that when elected he would work to increase crime prevention education, form a community advisory board to provide community participation in helping create the sheriff’s office strategic plan in the way the sheriff’s office serves the communities, and establish a citizen’s law enforcement academy. While serving as California Highway Patrol Commander at Williams, Teragawa had established a community advisory board for the purpose of enhancing and improvement traffic safety in the communities.

He said he believes it is important for law enforcement and community to have open communication and to work together. He is also in favor of utilizing electronic technology. “The program that is being successfully used in other counties throughout the United States as well as the Spillman System for Intelligence- Led policing,” he said.

The group also voiced concerns of growing drug problems not only in Grimes, but in the county as a whole. Teragawa agreed that it definitely an issue in Colusa County. “The drug problems aren’t going to go away, but we can fight it by being more people and service orientated,” he said.

Teragawa’s theory is that there should be more anti-drug and anti-gang education at earlier ages. “We need to start with the kindergarten and not wait until middle school or junior high to implement these programs,” he said. “Crime prevention programs need to be a fulltime line item in the sheriff budget and every deputy needs to be fully trained in crime prevention and education,” he said.

Teragawa’s next Town Hall meeting will be Tuesday, March 25 at 6:30 at Granzella’s Inn Conference Room in Williams.


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