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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

CAPC Program Manager, Carissa Bowers pictured with the proclamation by the City of Colusa, declaring the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. (Staff Photo)
CAPC Program Manager, Carissa Bowers pictured with the proclamation by the City of Colusa, declaring the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. (Staff Photo)

Throughout the month of April, the Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents & Children (CAPC) and its members and supporters will be bringing much needed attention to the issue of child abuse intervention and prevention as the country recognizes National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

On March 18th, 2014 the Colusa City Council declared the month of April as ‘Child Abuse Prevention Month’ with a proclamation by mayor, Greg Ponciano.

Child abuse is a national tragedy and a silent killer warranting the attention of our Federal and state governments, as well as the general public. In 2012 alone, an estimated 686,000 children were victims of abuse, with an estimated of 1,640 children dying from abuse in this same year across the United States.

CAPC, along with other children’s advocacy groups across the country are calling on local communities to speak up for these victims and to act on their behalf to prevent further tragedy.

On Friday, April 4th, CAPC is asking Colusa County community members to show their support for this crucial children’s issue by wearing blue.

“The April 4, ‘Wear Blue’ in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month is a national movement,” said Carissa Bowers, program manager for CAPC.

CAPC will be participating at the Colusa Western Days, Family Fair on Saturday, April 5th handing out blue pinwheels. The blue pinwheel reminds us of childlike notions and stands for the chance at the healthy, happy and full lives all children deserve.

CAPC recognizes the importance of awareness raising and community education surrounding the subject of child abuse. In an effort to share best practices and recognize those organizations stepping up on behalf of our country’s children.

Bowers remarked “It was a great opportunity for the City of Colusa to declare April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The recognition will help educate the public on the signs of abuse and call attention to this national issue by supporting the movement throughout the month of April and year-round.”

CAPC is the designated Child Abuse Prevention Council of Colusa County, a non-profit organization that serves the families in Colusa County by Collaborating with other local entities to ensure all children have the safe, stable, nurturing environments they need to thrive. These types of relationships build healthy brain architecture in children, forming a sturdy foundation for future success.

What are the signs of abuse?

Children who are abused might show physical signs or sudden changes in their behavior or school performance. These signs don’t prove that children are being abused, but they could be a signal that the children or their families need help. When children talk about being abused, take them seriously. Take steps to get help!

General Signs of Abuse include: Nervous around adults or afraid of certain adults, reluctant to go home, very passive and withdrawn or aggressive and disruptive, fearful and anxious, missing school a lot, begging for food, stealing food, or stealing money for food, using alcohol or other drugs, saying there is no one at home to take care of them, and acting overly mature or immature for the child’s age, extreme changes in behavior, and delays in physical or emotional development, or attempted suicide.

To report a child you feel is being neglected contact the Colusa County Child Protective Services by calling 530-458-0280 or contact your local law enforcement agency. 

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