Sunday, March 7, 2021


East Park Reservoir Now Open

The County of Colusa has recently taken over the recreation management of East Park Reservoir located in Western Colusa County.

The Board of Supervisors has delegated the recreation management to the Department of Public Works.

As of Saturday, April 5, 2014, East Park reservoir is now open to limited use.

Recreational opportunities will be offered initially on the Stonyford side.

Lake levels will be continuously monitored to determine if and when conditions will allow the Lodoga side to be opened.

Due to the drought conditions, the aquatic recreational activities at East Park are limited.

The County of Colusa has chosen to waive the current adopted fees associated with lake use, pending continued evaluation of reservoir conditions.

The park will be free to all users until further notice.

For more information and updates, visit for updates or contact the Colusa County Public Works Department at (530) 458.0466.ÔÄľ

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