Saturday, March 6, 2021


Logue Co-Authors Water Bond with hopes to fund Sites Reservoir

North State Assemblyman and Chief Republican, Dan Logue announced today that he will be a Principal Co-Author on Assemblyman Perea’s water bond bill, AB 2686. Logue was the first Republican legislator to join Perea on this bill. Logue has pulled his own water legislation, AB 1445 to be a Principal Co-Author on AB 2686.

“I am pleased to be among the first Republican members of the legislature to be a principle co-author of Assemblyman Perea’s water bond legislation, AB 2686,” said Logue. “I commend Assemblyman Perea and his efforts to put forward this bill. AB 2686 has one of the fundamental components that my bill did, which is water storage. Assemblyman Perea’s bill calls for $3 billion in groundwater storage, which is what California needs.”

Logue has fought tirelessly for water storage, as his original bill, AB 1445, called for 3.3 million acre feet of water storage. Sites Reservoir is in Colusa County, which is in Logue’s 3rd Assembly District. AB 2686 calls for $3 billion in groundwater storage, which will likely fund the building of Sites Reservoir.

“Water is not a partisan issue, and we need to work together to solve this water crisis,” said Logue. “This is why I am pulling my own water bond legislation, and am reaching across the aisle to work with Assemblyman Perea and other members to come together for a solution to this historic drought.”

“I am proud to stand with my Democrat colleagues and work together to solve our water crisis,” Logue continued. “Being on the ground floor for AB 2686 allows me to represent the citizens in the North State.”■

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