Saturday, February 27, 2021

California Small Business Association Endorses Schohr for Assembly

Farmer and Candidate for Assembly, Ryan Schohr has received the endorsement of the California Small Business Association (CSBA). Schohr is looking to bring his experience and leadership to Sacramento by replacing the North State’s current legislator, termed out Dan Logue in Assembly District 3.

The California Small Business Association (CSBA) is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to provide small business with a meaningful voice in state and federal governments.

When asked about the endorsement, CSBA President Betty Jo Toccoli stated, “We believe Ryan Schohr’s background as a small business owner will afford him a strong and effective voice in the Assembly. He understands the problems small business owners face in California because he lives it on a daily basis managing the operations of his family farm. Ryan is the leader we need in Sacramento to reduce regulatory burdens that stifle economic growth and prevent small business owners from expanding or hiring.”

“I am honored to have received the endorsement of the California Small Business Association,” remarked Schohr. “California relies on our small businesses to provide jobs and stimulate the economy. As an Assemblyman, I will fight tirelessly on behalf of our state’s small business owners as they remain our brightest hope for economic prosperity.”

A sixth generation farmer, Schohr has used his education and work ethic to expand his family’s business and protect local farmers. The Chico Chamber of Commerce named Schohr, “Business Advocate of the Year” for his work to protect the local agriculture industry, as well as his continued commitment to the community he has always called home.

Schohr will use his experience to fight back against higher taxes and nonsensical regulations, easing the burdens that have been placed on local families and business owners, and once again creating jobs for North State residents.

Ryan Schohr is the only lifelong farmer in the race for Assembly District 3, a region that depends on the agriculture industry for both jobs and economic stability.  Ryan and his wife have been married for 8 years; Holly is not only a partner in the family business but an Epidemiologist for the County of Nevada as well.

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