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Arbuckle Elementary Partners with Junior Achievement for JA Day

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Who knew Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, and Dum-Dum’s could be an educational experience?

In Mrs. Scott’s fifth grade class, Colusa County Supervisor, District 1, Kim Vann and her husband Jim, volunteered for an opportunity to educate students on economic and business concepts.

Using the business ideas for Tootise Rolls, and Dum-Dum suckers, Vann ventured the students through the travels of entrepreneurship, to forming a corporation and leading to the development of the partnership of Tootsie

Pop. This hands on learning experience instills practical information about the need for people who can meet the demands of the 21st century job market.

“It’s a spectacular way to introduce these kids to economics,” said Kim Vann, “In education, I believe we’ve gotten away on teaching the practical ways of life.”

The students participated collaboratively in multiple activities throughout the day. Students will understand that businesses are actively seeking workers with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math, and will benefit from a growing number of opportunities in what are called high-growth, high-demand careers.

As a pilot program for Colusa County, Arbuckle Elementary School partnered with Junior Achievement to have “JA Day” on Thursday, May 8. Students in grades K-5 were educated by 45 community volunteers about various economic concepts from the JA curriculum.

With lessons entitled “Ourselves”, “Our Family”, “Our Community”, “Our City”, “Our Region”, and “Our Nation”, the students were able to be engaged with the real life application of economic skills such as setting personal goals, needs vs. wants, how money moves through our community, and taxes. The students enjoyed participating in the exciting activities and having a guest teacher in the classroom.

“The kids are excited, it’s something different,” said community member, Debbie Charter, “they definitely participate.”

Volunteers developed the lesson plans for the day with the help of guidelines from JA.

“This is a great opportunity for the community to realize what teachers actually do,” said Vann, “it’s more than just teaching the curriculum, it’s a whole creative process.”

The day’s community volunteers included: Debbie Charter, Andy Geyer, Mary Grimmer, Melissa Burnett, Ernie Sopp, Brett LaGrande, Judy LaGrande, Liz Hagle, Brian Hagle, Carleen Burnum, Mary Ann Boles, Linda Trout, Amy Washburn, Amanda Barrett, Bryan Barrett, Don Wayman, Ernie Phelan, Amy Charter, Ellen Voorhees, Nathan Williams, Samantha Serafini, Dave Holland, Jennifer Kalfsbeek, Tina Beckly, Daniel Bailey, Charlene Vaughn, Chris O’Sullivan, Brett and Erin Mulqueeney, Janine Cooper, Jane Smart, Jennie Gates, Darlene Talbot, Margaret Cornoa, Debbie Grose, Theresa Deardorff, Shelly Murphy, Rebecca Myers, Kristen Davis, Phil Aviles, Shelby Campiz, Nadine High, Miguel Reyna, Jane Kalfsbeek, Kim Vann and Jim Vann.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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