Thursday, March 4, 2021


Colusa County Fair Carnival

Zipper-DSC_3171The smile never leaves the face of Ken Johnston, owner and operator of the Midway of Fun Carnival. That smile reflects the smiles on the faces of the children eagerly awaiting the first ride of the Fair. When you arrive at the Colusa County Fair, waves of giggles and squeals from children will reach your ears as youngsters twirl, dip and bounce in their own special carnival adventure.

At the 2014 Colusa County Fair, you will discover rides to entertain, or give you a rush going upside down or around and around, along-side the simple Carousel! Who can resist tossing a ball into a basket on the midway in hopes of winning one of those giant stuffed animals you see teenagers carrying around?

You can save on the cost of carnival rides by purchasing discount wristbands in advance. A $25 unlimited ride wristband can be used any one day of the Fair. During the Fair, wristbands can be purchased at Carnival ticket booths for $30. During the Fair, ride tickets will cost $1 each and rides take three to five tickets each.¬†¬† Wristbands are available at Davison Drug, LaReyna, and Chung Sun Market in Colusa, Fouch & Son in Williams, and Corona’s and Lana Bento in Arbuckle.

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