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Colusa County Candidate Interviews
Clerk & Recorder

Amy Rennick-Gwinnup

Amy Gwinnup for Clerk
Amy Gwinnup

Lifelong Colusa County resident, Amy Rennick-Gwinnup began her career with the Colusa County Clerk & Recorders Office in 2000 as a Deputy Clerk to the Board of Supervisors Office.

“During that time I worked directly under the Colusa County Clerk,” said Gwinnup, “there I gained the knowledge of records management, processes of county government, and became skilled in working elections.”

In addition to the skills and knowledge she gained as a Deputy Clerk, Gwinnup has gained valuable resources from her independent business she has successfully owned over the last seven years.

“Working in business has taught me strong budgeting, planning, supervisory, and leadership skills, all of which I believe is an asset to me as County Clerk.” said Gwinnup.

Gwinnup currently works with the Colusa County Public Works Department.

Hoping to expand usability within the department, Gwinnup will give the department a positive outlook with fresh eyes.

“I would like to expand the web services of the department,” said Gwinnup, “much of the technology is already in place, we just have to make it work.”

Gwinnup would like to see the Clerk and Recorder Office start accepting Credit Card Payments, the Real Property Index available on-line, and the ability to order birth and death certificates on-line.

“Many of the items that I would like to have done, can be implemented with little resources.” said Gwinnup.

Looking forward, as Colusa County Clerk & Recorder, Gwinnup will put customer service at her top priority, bringing her business experience to the forefront taking the Clerk and Recorders Office into the future.

“I personally believe that the public should always feel we are here to help in whatever way possible,” said Gwinnup, “In my business I strive for my clients to be happy, to keep them coming back – this will be the same goal I will have for this office.”

“I have always wanted to serve the public,” said Gwinnup, “I will strive to meet the needs of the public through outreach program, office leadership, and teamwork department collaboration.”

Rose Gallo-Vasquez

Rose Gallo-Vasquez
Rose Gallo-Vasquez

For over 15 years, Rose Gallo-Vasquez has continuously served Colusa County residents in the Clerks and Recorders Office. For the last eight years, Vasquez has served as the Assistant County Clerk Recorder Registrar.

“The job of Colusa County Clerk and Recorder requires someone who is willing to give up their time,” said Vasquez, “I am committed to this job, and will show up to work every day.”

A lifelong Colusa County resident, Vasquez can relate to the customer it services.

“I know the position of Clerk and Recorder well, and I am fully vested,” said Vasquez, “I have the ability and training necessary to do the job.”

With the many years of service at the Clerk and Recorders Office, Vasquez has trained everyone on staff.

“I have a great working relationship with the staff, and have had the privilege of working in this office for 15 years,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez puts an emphasis on the department working as a team.

“I’m fortunate to have some of the best people working here as part of the Clerk-Recorder team,” said Gallo, “we take pride in our excellent service, and I want to make sure that hard earned reputation stays.

The Clerk and Recorder office provides vital services including registering voters, conducting elections, recording land documents, issuing marriage licenses, performing marriage ceremonies, processing fictitious business name statements and issuing certified copies of your vital records.

“We are currently seeking the opportunities to allow our customers the ability to order their vital records on-line,” said Vasquez, “in the future, I would hope to have our official records index available, along with fictitious business name look-ups.”

Looking forward, as Colusa County Clerk and Recorder, Vasquez is confident that she has the knowledge and experience to serve effectively has the ability to keep pace with technology, legislation and business trends.

“I’m fully aware this office runs with your tax dollars and every fiscal decision should reflect that,” said Vasquez.

“I strive to be as non-bureaucratic as possible, and to protect you and your information, while keeping abreast of ever-changing laws and regulations. I will utilize the available and affordable technology to provide well trained staff who truly want to assist you,” Vasquez added.


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