Monday, March 1, 2021


Are you the Good Samaritan?

Two years ago this month Native American flutist, traditional storyteller and flute maker Keith Bear visited Colusa County.

During his week-long visit here he performed at county schools and also at the Stamp Out Stigma Recovery Rally. He visited with many groups and he shared his time and his talent.

While visiting here he purchased some souvenirs for his friends and family at home. When he went to the Colusa Post Office to mail these items back to North Dakota he lost something valuable.

The item he had lost was accidentally dropped on the street in front of the Post Office.

Bear was very shaken by this loss and reported it to the post office. When he returned a few hours later one of the postal employee told him that a person had found the item and has turned it in.

This was a surprise to both Bear and the postal employee.

“I never thought I would get my property back,” said Bear. To his amazement this honest person in Colusa did not keep what would have been so easy to keep.

Bear was grateful for the person’s honesty and wants to repay that person.

He has sent a gift for the person, but the name of the person is not available.

If you are the person who found an item near the Colusa Post Office and returned it between May 7-11, 2012 please contact Kathy Craigo at 430 Market Street, Suite A, Colusa CA 95932 or call (530) 458-3704.

If you can describe the item that you found you will be given the gift Keith Bear has sent from North Dakota. 

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