Sunday, March 7, 2021


Williams New One-Million Gallon Water Tank Nears Completion


Over the past several months, people traveling along Old Highway 99 near Theatre Road in Williams may have noticed a large structure being built.

The structure, a one-million gallon water tank, is near competition and will provide the City of Williams a much needed water pressure boost, and address water quality issues citywide, said Art de Rosa, Public Works Director for the City of Williams.

“The water delivery system we have is not as reliable as we require,” said De Rosa, “the construction of the new storage tank will improve the quality and delivery of water to our citizens.”

The project known as the 2013 Williams Water Project, includes the construction of water filters, reservoir and updates to an existing well pumping station.

Budgeted at $3.4 million dollars, the project was funded through a combination USDA grant and loan; and awarded to RTA Construction.

The new water storage tank will be an addition to the cities existing 100,000 gallon water tower, and will hold approximately one-million gallons, the approximate average daily consumption from Williams City residents.

The project is on budget and on time.

“We expect the new water storage tank to be completed this fall,” said De Rosa. ■

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