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Colusa County Master Gardeners Celebrate 5-Years

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Celebrating five years, the UC Master Gardeners of Colusa County inducted four new members who have successfully completed the required training to become a Master Gardener.

On Thursday, June 26, 2014 the UC Master Gardeners of Colusa County hosted an open house in conjunction with a graduation ceremony and recognizing its members who achieved goals and completed milestones within its organization.

A UC Master Gardener is a community volunteer who is trained and certified by the University of California Cooperative Extension in the areas of home gardening and horticulture. These individuals are trained to extend research biased horticultural information and offer educational programs and garden related demonstrations within their communities.

To become a UC Master Gardener an individual must attend all of the training classes, and pass an exam. Additionally, applicant’s must complete 50 hours of volunteer service and one hour of continuing education in their first year of training.

Those individuals to have recently completed the requirements were graduated and inducted into the UC Master Gardeners of Colusa County; those individuals include Colleen Ferrini (Williams), Jennifer Diaz (Stonyford), Penny Walgenbach (Arbuckle) and Sandra Camp (Colusa).

Additionally, several individuals were recognized for their duration of service with the organization. Receiving their 3-year certificate were Peggy Tonzen and Cynthia Peterson. Receiving their 5-year certificate were Sherry Maltby, Penny Dennis, John Vafis, Diane Vafis, David Dennis, Bernice Dommer, and Barbara Scheimer.

As a UC Master Gardener, volunteers participate throughout the year hosting plant clinics and participate in community service projects. These individuals received volunteer hour credits and are honored at each milestone. Reaching the 100-hour milestone was Peggy Townzen; the 200-hour milestone was John Vafis, and reaching the 300-hour milestone is Penny Dennis, Diane Vafis, and David Dennis.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Colusa County Master Gardener, must contact the UC Cooperative Extension of Colusa County office at 100 Sunrise Blvd., Suite E, in Colusa, or by calling (530) 458-0570.

Do you have a plant or gardening question? Contact a local UC Master Gardener or call the UC Cooperative Extension at (530) 458-0570.

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