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Williams Summer Showcase Brings Sonny & Cher and Local Talents

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In efforts to raise funds for a stage of their own, the Williams Community Center held its second annual Summer Talent Showcase on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

“The Williams Unified School District has graciously allowed us to use their portable stage,” said showcase coordinator, Melissa Baikie-Rick, “however, we are in a great need of our very own, and it is going to cost $6,000 for one that meets our needs.”

At the showcase, participants from around Colusa County were given the opportunity to show their talents in the form of songs, musical and dance performances in front of several dozen guests.

Dressed in hula skirts, and straw hats – lei’s were handed out at the door to guests as they were greeted to a ‘Tiki Time’ of fun.

In total, 15 acts were performed with eleven performances singing, two synchronized dance performances, and a performance on the piano and electric guitar.

Starting the evening off was a comedic duo who performed as Sonny and Cher, in a hilarious skit.

Singing hit songs such as “I’ve Got you Babe,” Barbara Mayberry and Ron Simmons were those behind the beloved opening act.

“It took some arm bending,” said Baikie-Rick, “but we’ve got them!”

Mayberry and Simmons have performed previously at various events as Sonny and Cher, gathering lots of laughs and becoming a local favorite.

Also performing that evening included, Ron Simmons and Barbara Mayberry, Loraine Joy, Gordon McBurney, Ed Hull, Dale Townsend, Kiana Sanapaw, Leann Sanapaw, Dakota Sanipaw, Preston Marquez, Shane Maxey, and Beverly Maxey, Vanessa Covarrubias, Ricardo Carmona, Kelly Lewis, Melissa Baikie-Rick, Aaron Baikie-Rick, John Lauppe, Benji Balatbat, Ken Edwards, and Jody Bowker.

The Williams Community Center would like to extend its sincere thank you to the following individuals and businesses for their help in making the event a success, Griff’s Feed and Seed, the Williams Unified School District Maintenance Department, Mike Bacon from Padded Room Productions, Rose of Rockabilly Dreaming, and many thanks to the several raffle sponsors.

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