Monday, March 8, 2021


New Williams Dentist Aims to Bring More Smiles to Town

IMG_2138After knocking out a few teeth during a hockey match, Dr. Sher Himmat Gill, D.D.S. began his career in dentistry.

“I like the idea that I get to help people, and I get to use my hands and be creative,” said Gill, “dentistry is part art, and part science.”

Dr. Gill recently opened his practice in Williams in the Medical Complex Building that once housed Dr. Wayne Wilson, D.D.S.; and Dr. Charles McCarl, M.D.

“I have been busier than I thought,” said Gill, “the community has been very receptive and happy that I am here.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Wilson announced his retirement and closed his practice. Embarking on opportunity, Dr. Gill purchased the dentistry practice from Wilson.

“We would like to welcome back Dr. Wilson’s previous patients,” he said, noting that many of Wilsons former patient records are still on file.

Dr. Gill specializes in general, family and cosmetic dentistry.

“I would like to expand services to the younger adults and children,” said Gill, “I see a great need for it in the community.”

Dr. Gill attended the University of California Davis for his undergraduate and received his dental degree from the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry.

“Dr. Wilson and I attended the same dental school,” said Gill.

Dr. Gill says Williams feels like home.

“I grew up in a small farming town,” said Gill,” I feel at home here in Williams. It feels safe, and that people trust each other.”

Currently living in Sacramento, Dr. Gill hopes soon to relocate to the Williams area.

Dr. Gill hopes to make improvements and upgrades to the practice over time; enhancing patient care and comfort.

“We will soon be getting a digital x-ray machine that will help with patient diagnosis,” said Gill, “we will also be upgrading to digital records that will be beneficial to the patient and the environment.”

Dr. Sher Himmat Gill, D.D.S. is located at 977 E. Street in Williams. To schedule an appointment call (530) 473-2882.

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