Saturday, March 6, 2021


State of Jefferson Movement Seeks Colusa County Participants


Are you tired of big government at the state level? The State of Jefferson, movement is gaining momentum in the north state.

The State of Jefferson is a declaration movement that proposes that northern California withdraw and form a new 51st state. A state that would essentially be free of the dysfunctional, bloated, tyrannical politicians in Sacramento.

On Wednesday, July 30th, State of Jefferson representatives held a meeting at the Williams Chinese Restaurant with hopes to assemble a committee for Colusa County.

“We have to take action,” said Terry Rapoza, who led the informational meeting, “If we do nothing, then nothing will happen.”

A dozen or so Colusa County residents attended and listened, placing an interest.

Williams Resident, Greg White attended the event and showed his support.

“I think it is a good idea,” said White, “My family has been in California since the 1800’s.”

Williams Public Works Director, Art De Rosa, commented he was in support of it, and at one time served on the committee in Butte County.

According to the group’s brochures and handouts that Northern California is not correctly represent-ed; having only 3 out of 80 seats in the state Assembly, and two of the 40 seats for the state Senate.

Additionally the group cites laws and mandates that would not be part of the new state. These laws include Gun and ammunition laws, air quality laws, renewable energy mandates, and the person re-alignment AB109.

“These are things that would never have of passed in the North State,” said Rapoza.

The movement initially began in 1941 but died off during WWII.

Most recently the movement has been gaining attention with six counties signing declarations .

“It is time to get Colusa County on board and start spreading the word,” said Rapoza, “First thing would be to host town hall meetings and answer peoples questions.”

Once the committee is formed, the members are to host town hall meetings, then provide a presentation to the Colusa County Board of Supervisors and ask for their declaration.

“People with have questions and we will try to answer them all,” said Rapoza.

The most common questions include:

Is the current flag going to be a new state flag and seal?
“Right now we are focusing on the declaration of a news state; a new flag and seal can be designed once we’ve formed a new state,” said Rapoza.

Is the state going to be named Jefferson?
“The State of Jefferson is a MOVEMENT, not the name. A name can be decided by the people as the state is being formed,” said Rapoza.

What does the double X’s mean on the flag and seal?
“The two X’s symbolize the people being double-crossed by Salem and Sacramento, the capi-tals of Oregon and California,” said Rapoza, “The two X’s have also appeared on the bottom of a gold pan.”

Can the new state finance itself?
“It can very well finance itself; our tax dollars will stay with us and not go down to the black hole in Sacramento,” Rapoza added.

For more information about joining the movement, or becoming a member of the Colusa County Committee, email Patsy or Monte Carter at

The Colusa County, State of Jefferson Committee, can also be found on Facebook.

“How much worse does it have to get before we do something?” Rapoza asked.


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