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Colusa County Transit Welcomes Kent Boes

Colusa County Department of Public Works Director, Scott Lanphier (right) pictured with new Colusa County Transit Manager Kent Boes.(Staff Photo)
Colusa County Department of Public Works Director, Scott Lanphier (right) pictured with new Colusa County Transit Manager Kent Boes.(Staff Photo)

This October, the Colusa County Transit will celebrate 35 years of service to county residents.

In 1979, the Colusa County Transit service began with two drivers, a station wagon and a nine-passenger mini-bus. Today the transit service consists of six drivers and four staff members, nine transit buses, and one sedan.

Earlier this year, longtime Colusa County Transit manager, Barbara Salazar retired.

Replacing Salazar is Williams resident, Kent Boes.

“Kent is doing an outstanding job,” said Colusa County Department of Public Works Director, Scott Lanphier, “it’s great to have a fresh set of eyes.”

Boes took the job as transit manager because he enjoys being involved in the community. In addition to his Transit Management duties, Boes is a Williams City Councilmember and a Williams Volunteer Firefighter.

“I started in the transit industry while attending UC Davis and worked with Unitrans,” said Boes, “from there I have worked at East Bay Paratransit in Oakland, and Yolo Bus in Woodland. “

Boes brings his experience with various transit agencies; however, he comments that his staff is just as experienced.

“We have many staff members who’ve been with the agency for over ten years,” said Boes, “The drivers have a great safety record, and work well as a team.”

As the department transitions with a new manager, some changes will soon come into effect.

“Currently, our last route starts at 4:00 p.m.,” said Boes, “I am anticipating to have expanded hours of operation starting in January.”

Additionally Boes seeking to purchase new transit vehicles to help phase-out its older, high mileage, transit buses.

“We are making the bus purchases with grant funding that we’ve acquired, “ said Boes, “It requires no matching funds, and overall a great deal for the community.”

To help with revenue generation the transit agency is seeking an opportunity to begin placing local advertisements on the side of the vehicles.

“This is a great opportunity to grow revenue for the transit service,” said Boes, “and we have several businesses who are already interested in the service.”

Boes would like to see the public utilize the transit service more often.

“We offer a great service to our community, and at a great price,” said Boes.

Beyond rides, the Colusa County Transit also offers package delivery services.

“A few businesses in the County use our package delivery service,” said Boes, “we can provide this service to our community and would like to see it expand.”

Currently, the Colusa County Transit operates five days a week, and services the urbanized areas of Colusa County, while providing limited transportation to Yuba City on Friday.

The Colusa County Transit offers transportation to Out-of-County Medical Appointments, in the areas of Chico, Davis, Lincoln, Marysville, Oroville, Roseville, Sacramento, Willows, Woodland and Yuba City. Contact the Colusa County Transit for more information.

Transit Dispatcher, Frannie Dennis recommends that if anyone needs a ride to an appointment to call and schedule their ride ahead of time.

“Rides are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis,” said Dennis.

Dennis also recommends when calling for a ride; it is important know your current location and the ad-dress of where you want to go.

The Colusa County Transit prides itself on giving personal service to its customers and making a positive impact within its community.

“We welcome any ideas and any reasonable unmet needs that the transit service could provide.” said Lanphier.

Current fares are $1.25 for a ride in town, or $1.75 for a ride within the County.

To request a ride, or to learn more about the Colusa County Transit, call (530) 458-0287. ■

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