Thursday, March 4, 2021


6.0M Earthquake Shakes Napa

Social media was a buzz as people awoke to a 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Napa earlier this morning.

At approximately 3:20 a.m. a 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook the communities of Napa and Vallejo with hundreds of others felling the affects.

At 80 miles away from its epicenter, many Colusa County citizens were awoken to their beds shaking, windows rattling, and pictures swaying.

Several taking to social media to reaffirm what they have experienced.

No damages were reported locally.

California Govenor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Southern Napa after the quake caused injuries, and severe damages to many buildings.

Over 15,000 customers are without power early Sunday morning as a result of the quake.

According to the City of Napa approximately 87 patents have been treated or being treated for injuries caused from the quake.

Gas and electric crews have been working to restore power and repair gas leaks in the area. Additionally, Napa City public works is working to restore water to some areas as they repair water main breaks.

Historic buildings damaged in Napa include the Sam Kee Laundry, Goodman library, the Napa County Courthouse, the Napa Post Office, as well as other buildings downtown appear to be damaged.

According the USGS, the earthquake was occurred near the shoreline of San Pablo Bay. The Bay Shore areas in the San Francisco Bay region are underlain by landfill and bay mud and have experience disproportionately greater damage during historic earthquakes. The excessive damage is said to be caused by soil failure and amplification of ground shaking by the soft mud.

A stream of aftershocks are expected. Though aftershocks are usually less violent, they can still be strong enough to do additional damage. Aftershocks usually occur with the first few hours, days, weeks or even months after the initial quake.

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