Monday, March 1, 2021


Colusa Property Owners Vote YES in Preliminary Results for the Mosquito, Vector, and Disease Control Measure

Property Owners in the Mosquito Abatement District cast their vote on the Mosquito, Vector, and Disease Control Measure, giving a overwhelmingly preliminary YES vote of 89.96%.

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014, according to unofficial election night tabulation totals for the Special Mail Ballot Election a total of 1135 votes were cast, and 1021 of those votes were a YES vote.

The Colusa County Elections Office was closed at the time of press and it was not determined the number of remaining or uncounted ballots still remained.

In July, property owners within the Colusa Mosquito Abatement District received a ballot by mail, the ballot allowed voters to decide if continued comprehensive, year round mosquito control and vector-borne disease prevention services should be provided in the district.

If approved the Mosquito, Vector and Disease Control Measure would fund Improved control and the elimination of mosquito using environmentally sound methods. Additionally, the measure would allow for improved control of diseases transmitted by mosquito including encephalitis, canine heart-worm and West Nile Virus. ‚Ė†

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