Saturday, March 6, 2021


Mental Health Services Seeks Public Input

The Colusa County Department of Behavioral Health, Mental Health Services seeks to provide quality and equitable care.

Serving as the departments Ethnic Services Manager, therapist, Brizia Martinez is looking for interested individuals who would like to be part of a volunteer committee to help make a difference in the care within their communities, and serve on the Cultural Competency Committee.

The Cultural Competency Committee was formed in response to a need recognized by the agency in order to reflect the ever-expanding diverse population of both staff and the community. Together the committee will allow the department to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.

“In the past this committee has been appointed by staff members,” said Martinez, “I want to open it up to the public to search for different perspectives on how we can properly service our community.”

The Committee will collaboratively address the issues related to the diversity of its community and develop ways to recognize and assist those who are in the need of services who may have cultural differences.

“One method may help one individual, but not another,” said Martinez, “this is a great way for us to implement other opportunities of service.”

The Cultural Competency Committee meets quarterly along with members of the Colusa County Behavioral Health Staff to discuss, plan, offer suggestions, implement ideas, and advocate for various cultures and populations to help better serve the citizens of Colusa County.

To participate in the Cultural Competency Committee or to learn more, contact Brizia Martinez at (530) 458-0821 or email

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