Saturday, February 27, 2021

Williams Seeks Volunteer Crossing Guards

Just a few weeks after the tragic death of Christian Orozco, Williams’s residents are stepping up to help provide a safe route to school.

“Something more needs to be done,” said Kelley Scott.

Scott along with several other community members and parents have formed a committee to provide volunteer assistance as Adult School Crossing Guards at various at risk cross walks around town.

“This needs to be a community effort.” Said Scott.

The primary responsibility of an Adult School Crossing Guard is to help children safely cross the street as they walk or bicycle to and from school.

According to the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CAMUTCD) an Adult School Crossing Guard should possess average intelligence, must be in good physical condition, have good character and a clean appearance, and have the ability to communicate specific instructions clearly, firmly, and courtesy while being able to recognize potentially dangerous traffic situations.

Adult School Crossing Guards will use existing gaps in traffic to help students cross safely, and when the natural traffic flow does not allow enough time for children to cross the street safely, a guard may need to create gaps by stopping traffic temporarily. A guard is always the first person in the street and the last person out of the street.

“Every adult school crossing guard shall be fingerprinted prior to commencement of duties,” said Williams Unified School District Superintendent, Jennifer Foglesong, “The district will pay for this.”

The school district has ordered appropriate materials needed for the crossing guards; however, the parent volunteers have acquired a hand-held stop sign and had several high visibility vests donated by Morning Star, Co.

“We thank Morning Star for their support,” said Scott.

Crossing guards will also have to undergo basic crossing guard training to understand their duties and capabilities better.

“Volunteers will need to be dependable and consistent,” said Foglesong, “this is imperative to the children’s safety.”

Any parent or community member wishing to volunteer as an Adult School Crossing Guard is to visit a Williams School Site and sign up with the Parent Teacher Organization.

“We are thankful for all of the community support during this tragic time,” said Foglesong. ■

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr. is the Owner and Publisher of the Williams Pioneer Review. He is dedicated in publishing the news and informing the community of Colusa County. Lloyd has been with the publication since 2008, and purchased the business in 2010. Under his ownership the newspaper has grown significantly in subscriptions, publishes weekly, and obtained the title of Newspaper of General Circulation by the Superior Court of Colusa County in Sept. 2017. Lloyd is also the director of advertising, classified manager, legal notice clerk, and circulation manager. To contact Lloyd, email him at or call (530) 458-4141 ext. 100.

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