Tuesday, March 9, 2021


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Don’t Let a Red Light Be the Last Thing You See

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is reminding Californians to slow down, stop for red lights and stop signs, and practice safe driving now and at all times throughout the year. Stop sign and red light running caused 141 deaths in California in 2011, along with over 20,000 serious injuries.

“Innocent lives are lost every day when drivers recklessly or inadvertently run red-lights,” said OTS Director Rhonda Craft. “Most of the time these incidents happen because the driver is in a hurry to get to their destination, but it’s important that all drivers remember that being late is infinitely better than losing their life or injuring others due to a careless decision.”

Half of the people killed as a result of running red lights or stop signs are not the violators, but innocent parties including passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. Due to these startling statistics, OTS is reminding all drivers to

ALWAYS STOP on RED. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers the following reasons to Stop on Red:
• Red-light running is extremely dangerous.
• Occupant injuries occurred in 45 percent of red-light running crashes, compared with 30 percent of other crash types.
• Red-light runners are more than three times as likely as other drivers to have multiple speeding convictions on their driver records.
• Motorists in urban areas are more likely to be injured in crashes involving red-light running than in any other type of crash.
• The T-bone intersection crashes caused by red-light runners result in the most severe injuries.
• About half of the deaths in red-light running crashes are pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants in other vehicles that are hit by the red-light runners.

“Red light crashes can be prevented by remaining alert at all times,” said Craft. “Remember to observe posted speed limits, obey all traffic signs and signals, keep your focus on the road, and ALWAYS stop on red.”■

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