Sunday, March 7, 2021


Veterans’ Centers Grow at Yuba College and Woodland Community College

Yuba Community College District is prioritizing the needs of its student veterans’ through new and remodeled Veteran Resource Centers on each campus.

Woodland Community College veterans’ have just recently moved into a new center and Yuba College is in the process of creating its own unique Veterans Resource Center.

Woodland Community College’s Center is equipped with computers, a printer and a resource lending library. Yuba College’s Center has just recently received donations from Brandman University, Roseville Campus, of desks, chairs and a meeting table as they begin to renovate a room in the 700 building. The Yuba College Vets have also received donations from Glines Carpeting in Yuba City to assist with their renovations.

These two new rooms for student veterans create a dedicated space that allows them to collaboratively work together on class projects, to discuss current issues and trends that affect veterans, and to build collaborative tutoring sessions.

Administration at Woodland Community College and Yuba College recognize that student veterans are better prepared for exams and complete their homework in a timely fashion when they study and work together. These new centers provide the Vets the space to meet and work with other students who have experienced similar life-altering situations during their military career.

Chancellor of the Yuba Community College District, Dr. Douglas B. Houston, who is also a veteran, said, “It is so important to have a dedicated space for students who are veterans to meet, gather and study. They have experiences that they bring to the table that are unique and sometimes difficult for other students to understand. A ‘safe’ meeting and studying area for the Vets is crucial to their success as they navigate their way through the community college system and the requirements and pressures that are placed on students in order for them to be successful.”■

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