Thursday, March 4, 2021


Meet your Colusa County Transit Driver
Charles Jovich

CharlesJovichYou may see one of the Colusa County Transit’s newest drivers driving the route between Williams, Arbuckle and Colusa almost daily.

Charles Jovich of Colusa began working for the Colusa County Transit a little over a year ago, and he loves his job.

“I am a people person,” said Jovich, “I enjoy building a relationship with my regular passengers and look forward to meeting new people.”

With over 50,000 miles behind the wheel of his bus, Jovich said he loves the outdoors.

“It’s great to work with the elderly and those with special needs,” said Jovich, “I also know the county roads well and know the best way to get you to your destination.”

Jovich’s experience of the county came from his time as a Williams Firefighter.

When asked what his favorite memory while driving for the Colusa County Transit, Jovich said it had to be his training.

“I enjoy working with my coworkers, and they gave me an excellent training experience,” he said.

What Jovich asks of his passengers is to be ready, on time, and most of all to be patient.

“We offer an excellent service to the community,” said Jovich, “Save your money on gas and take a ride with us!”

When Jovich is not driving his passengers to their destinations, he likes to hunt, fish and hang out with family and friends.

“It’s an great opportunity to work here at the Colusa County Transit,” Jovich added. ■

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