Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Girls Circle and Boys Council

The Girls Circle and Boys Council programs were implemented by the Colusa County Probation Department about six years ago, they are offered in all of the local high schools and middle schools.  These programs target all Colusa County youth, they are the first prevention programs to be funded by the Probation Department.   Adolescents can be a challenging time for many youth and by offerening these programs we have an opportunity to support youth in making healthy pro social choices during a critical time of development.

These strength based programs aim to provide a safe space where teens and pre-teens can come together and explore the unique needs of adolescents.  Groups are structured and consistent, with flexibility for program specific objectives and participant directed topics. Body image, communication skills, empathy, goal setting, relationships, conflict resolution, alcohol and drug prevention, physical boundaries and personal values are just a few of the topics covered during group sessions. Groups meet weekly on each school campus.  Youth that are involved report, “feeling more in control over their choices”, ” better at solving problems with peers”, “ feeling more positive about their future” and “enjoying school more.”

Parents can contact the facilitator, Sarah Regnani (530) 701-6475 or their student’s school counselor to get more information about the program. All youth are welcome to attend and there are several new field trips and activities to look forward to this year, one being a college field trip for high school participants. ■

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