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Monday, March 8, 2021


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Williams Moves Forward with Marguerite Street Extension  

Tab_39_2.2c.(2)A beneficial project once thought to be lost, have come to fruition with the cooperative dedication and tenacity of multiple agencies.

The City of Williams, Marguerite Street Extension project received approval from the California Transportation Commission on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, awarding the city $3.5 million to complete the project.

“This is going to be a huge financial benefit for our community, bringing jobs to our citizens, and tax dollars for infrastructure improvements,” said Williams Mayor Pat Ash.

Located in the cities Business Park, Marguerite Street currently dead-ends with the intersection of Ella Street.

“Marguerite Street will now continue from the intersection at Ella Street and connect with Highway 20,” said Williams City Administrator, Jim Saso.

Funding for the project was made possible through Traffic Improvement Fund dedicated to the City of Williams from the County of Colusa, the City of Colusa and Cal Trans.

Additionally, the property allocated for the roadway was dedicated to the City of Williams from the landowners, saving the City a significant amount, commented Saso.

“This is a regionally significant project,” said Saso, “The Marguerite extension will encourage and allow industrial and commercial developers to bring much need jobs and sales tax revenue to our community.”

A project almost ten years into the making was almost lost after two prior city administrators failed to get the project off the ground.

“I would like to thank Jim Saso for his integrity and leadership with the staff for getting this project completed,” said Ash, “Jim has been instrumental in the project’s success.”

September of 2013, the City of Williams contracted with the County of Colusa to provide assistance, develop the roadway design and complete the environmental studies.

“The design of the roadway is almost completed,” said Saso, “Once this is completed we can go out to bid for contractors.”

The project is expected to go to bid before the first of next year.

“As soon as we award a contractor, the project can be completed in as little as 180 days,” Saso added.

“There were many individuals who contributed to this project,” said Ash, “I would like to thank the County for their knowledge and their ability to push this project through. I would also like to thank Supervisor Kim Vann, Scott Lanphier, Mike Azevedo, and Gary Evans for getting the project on track.”

The Marguerite Street extension is estimated to cost $6.8 million and is fully funded through construction with the California Transportation Improvement Program Funds of $3.5 million and local funds of $3.3 million allocated from the County of Colusa, the City of Colusa and the City of Williams.

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