Friday, February 26, 2021

Williams Elementary Students Visit Polling Place

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Williams Elementary Transitional Kindergarten students got to see firsthand the voting process as they accompanied their teacher to the polling place on Election Day.

“While learning about the calendar in our classroom throughout the year, we talk about the special days in each month. This being the first week of November, I thought, ‘What a better lesson than experiencing Election Day first hand?’” explained TK teacher, Barbara Mayberry.

“The Williams Community Center, where polling takes place, is only a short walk from our school. The students were very excited about going, and the officials and volunteers there made it such a positive experience,” Mayberry added.

Students were able to observe as their teacher signed in, received her ballot, voted, and submitted it for counting. Afterward, each student received an “I Voted” sticker.

“It was one of those teachable moments you hope will have a lasting effect on your students,” said Mayberry.

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