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November General Election 2014 Results

The final, yet unofficial, election results were made available to the public on Friday, November 7, 2014 for the Colusa County General Election.

Colusa County had a 56.69% voter turnout in Tuesday’s election. With 7,592 registered voters. A total of 1,644 votes were cast at polling places, and 2,660 ballots were vote-by-mail ballots.

Colusa County Board of Education

Edward Conrado took the lead for Trustee Area 5 against David Scroggins. Conrado received 512 votes, and Scroggins received 226 votes. There were four write-in votes, and 82 undecided.

Susan Polk took the lead for Trustee Area D against Janice Cannon. Polk received 41 votes, and Cannon received 28 votes. There were two write-in votes, and 10 undecided.

School Boards

Charles Yerxa and Kathie Whitesell took lead for two seats on the Colusa Unified School Board, defeating Jacqueline ‚ÄúJackie‚ÄĚ Sanchez. Yerxa received 976 votes, and Whitesell received 892 votes, leaving Sanchez with 587 votes. There were two write-in votes and 10 undecided.

Kim Giffin, Christy Edwards, and Tom Charter took lead for three seats on the Maxwell Unified School Board, defeating Zachary Dennis, Jason Bowen, Kyle Miller, and Benjamin Pearson. Giffin received 268 votes, Edwards received 247 votes, Charter received 246 votes, leaving Dennis 173 votes, Bowen received 163 votes, Miller received 144 votes, and Pearson 137 votes. There were three write-in votes and 242 undecided.

Amy Charter, and Eduardo Ayala took lead for two seats on the Pierce Joint Unified School Board, defeating John Friel Sr. Charter received 611 votes, and Ayala received 410 votes, leaving Friel with 367 votes. There were no write-in votes, and 51 undecided.

Kelly Lewis, and Silvia Vaca took lead for two seats on the Williams Unified School Board, defeating Maryah Stoots. Lewis received 440 votes, and Vaca received 336 votes; leaving Stoots with 350 votes. There were eight write-in votes, and 554 undecided.

The Colusa Unified School District claimed victory on Measure A, receiving 1,049 YES votes, and 614 NO Votes. There were 77 undecided votes. Measure A authorizes the district to issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $5.9 million for building repairs, upgrades to restrooms, general plumbing, heating, electrical wiring, and updating computer technology, classrooms libraries, agriculture and science facilities and improving school safety. District officials estimated that, on average, an annual property tax rate increase of $47.55 per $100,000 of assessed property value would be required to repay these bonds

City of Williams

Incumbent Alfred Sellers was the only candidate to be re-elected to the Williams City Council, joining him are Santos Jauregui and Charles Bergson; defeating Patricia Ash and Angela Fulcher. Jauregui received 341 votes, Bergson received 322 votes, and Sellers received 321 votes; leaving Ash with 241 votes and Fulcher with 214 votes. There were 14 write-in votes, and 304 undecided.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr. is the Owner and Publisher of the Williams Pioneer Review. He is dedicated in publishing the news and informing the community of Colusa County. Lloyd has been with the publication since 2008, and purchased the business in 2010. Under his ownership the newspaper has grown significantly in subscriptions, publishes weekly, and obtained the title of Newspaper of General Circulation by the Superior Court of Colusa County in Sept. 2017. Lloyd is also the director of advertising, classified manager, legal notice clerk, and circulation manager. To contact Lloyd, email him at or call (530) 458-4141 ext. 100.

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