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Veterans Day 2014

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The Colusa County Veterans Wall is a unique local monument honoring all veterans, living and deceased, for their service and sacrifices to secure our freedom.

Dedicated on Veterans Day 2014, a two-year project was completed – with over 400 names of the county’s honorable service men and women.

“This is a magnificent way to honor our veterans,” said Colusa City Mayor, Greg Ponciano.

On behalf of the Colusa City Council, Ponciano presented a proclamation declaring the Colusa Memorial Park to Veterans Memorial Park.

Ponciano also noted that the Veterans Memorial Wall project wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Colusa Veteran, Dennis Sanders.

“Dennis won’t take credit publically for the project, but he deserves a lot of it,” said Ponciano.

Located at the corner of 10th and Market Street, Veterans Memorial Park provides the perfect community setting for the memorial wall structures. Old Glory, the California State Flag, and the POW/MIA flag provides a

grand backdrop for the seven wall structures – three of which are filled with bricks stamped with the names of the counties service men and women.

“The Memorial Wall is Beautiful,” said Colusa County Supervisor, Denise Carter, “it’s a wonderful tribute.”

The afternoon included the National Anthem sang by Anastasia and a guest speaker.

Buster Diggs, Veteran and former Colusa County resident spoke of memories growing up in the City of Colusa with a clear message “It takes a village to raise a child”.

It is estimated that over 800 people attended the dedication ceremony.

“We have an amazing community to have this kind of support,” said Ponciano.

Those sentiments were echoed by Dennis Sanders, who expressed his thanks to the many who’ve contributed to the success of the wall.

“We are extremely grateful for the phenomenal amount of help and support of the community to make this project a success,” said Sanders.
Reading of the Names

The crowd grew silent as members of the Colusa County VFW, and American Legion came up to the podium sounding off the names of those honored that day.

For some, it was a great sense of patriotism; pride and respect in hearing the names called one-by-one; for others it was a bittersweet memory –felt with every hesitation.

For a former Colusa resident and Vietnam Veteran – some names were tough to hear.

“It is very emotion for me,” said Howard Busch, former Colusa County Resident, “I think about all of those who’ve I lost.”

“I may not live in Colusa anymore, but Colusa is my home, I came here today to pay my respects to the people I grew up with,” Busch added.

Busch recalled painfully of the many friends and fellow service mates who gave their all.

At the center of one of the monuments is a large memorial plaque reads: “All Gave Some, Some Gave All – Dedicated to the Veterans of Colusa County”.

The Dedication was not an end to the project, but a beginning to the continued efforts in honoring those who’ve served and made sacrifices to secure our freedom.

The Colusa County VFW plans to host an annual dedication ceremony for the bricks added to the wall each year.

A Tribute Brick is available to all veterans, living or deceased, who have served honorably or are currently serving in any branch of the military at any time. The Veteran must have lived in, or currently living in Colusa County. The cost of a Tribute Brick is $100.

Proceeds from the brick sales will go towards the construction and the future maintenance of the Memorial and Tribute Walls.

To obtain a Tribute Brick application visit the Williams Pioneer Review Website and look for the ‘Tribute Brick’ icon in the Left hand column, or call Dennis Sanders at (530) 913-5017 or call Chaz Franklin at (530) 635-0746.

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