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Santa Lives in Colusa; Really!

WPR- Dave Bishop Santa

Dave Bishop of Colusa is known around Colusa County as Santa. He not only looks like Santa; he has the genuine Santa Claus heart.

Most recently he delighted children and adults by visiting with them at the Colusa Holiday Craft Faire and Gift Show.

“I was in my element,” Bishop said. Children of all ages visited Santa at the two-day event. Bishop shared that two groups of visitors to stop by for photos with Santa were generational groups. We had one four-generation family and one five-generation family he said.

“What most touched my heart though was a visit from a disabled girl,” he said. “I came down off of my “high-horse” (Santa throne) and came to her wheelchair so that we could have a photo together,” he said. “It was her first Santa photo ever and I’m so glad I could be a part of it.”

Bishop may be thought to be the guy who portrays Santa sometimes, but he says he really is Santa and in the off season he portrays Dave Bishop.

Ask any of the kids who go to Colusa Theatre where Bishop worked for a number of years. Ask them his name, and they’ll say he’s Santa.
Santa Claus and the kindness of his giving nature certainly fit the nature of Bishop. There aren’t many people in the county who haven’t in one way or another benefited from his giving nature.

He tends to look out for folks who may not have much. He is a friend to everyone.

Safe Haven Drop-In Center in Colusa has seen his kindness over and over again.

Peer support specialist at the Center Valerie Stirling said he is Santa 365 days a year. “This man has a wonderful and generous heart to everyone,” she said.

He is a behind the scenes kind of a guy.

Bishop (Santa) makes the magic happen and gets things done when he sees a need.

“I just love people,” said Bishop, who said he has known most of his life that he is Santa. “If I see a need, I’m going to be there,” he said.

Bishop and Mrs. Claus (Marsha) have both suffered injuries in the past year, and sometimes things are a little tight, but that hasn’t stopped them from lending a hand when needed.

“I don’t have a lot to give, but what little I do for others comes back to us three-fold,” said Bishop.

“He’s a big guy with a big heart, he’s jolly and friendly to everyone, and he’s always willing to help,” said Carolan Meek owner of Professional

Events Services Inc., the host of the Holiday Faire this year. As far as I’m concerned; he is Santa. “He shares his Santa image with all of us,” said Meek.

Bishop’s two days at the Holiday Faire opened other opportunities to him as well. He has been invited to visit other holiday events in surrounding counties, and he has been invited to visit a number of private homes during the Christmas holidays.

“This is what it is about,” he said. “Life is good.”


Submitted by: Kathy Craigo


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