Friday, March 5, 2021


Students Tour Louis Cairo’s

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The transitional kindergarten students in Ms. Mayberry’s class at Williams Elementary School have been studying foods – where they come from, how they are prepared, food jobs in our community, kitchen tools, and expanding vocabulary. The unit culminated with a tour and lunch at Louis Cairo’s restaurant in Williams.

Cristy Edwards, owner, began the tour with a walk-through of the kitchen, where students were able to view the prep tables and walk-in refrigerators, and meet the cook as their lunch was being prepared.

Next, students were guided through the dining area, lounge, and the outdoor patio where Edwards spoke about the menu offered, different kinds of food jobs, and answered questions.

A highlight for students was when they got to draw their own soda from the tap before they sat down for a spaghetti luncheon provided by Edwards.

Teacher Barbara Mayberry was impressed with the tour and how Edwards’ presentation kept the young students interested and excited. “Following the tour, the students sat at tables in the dining room, ate from glass plates with real utensils, and used their best manners. Both the tour and the spaghetti lunch was a real treat for these kids.” Mayberry would like to thank Edwards and Louis Cairo’s for their support.

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