Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Meet your Colusa County Transit Employees
 Barbara Rosas & Franny Dennis


Ever wondered who was behind those helpful voices at the Colusa County Transit?

Barbara Rosas and Franny Dennis strive to provide the best customer service in helping get passengers to their destinations.

Thirty years ago, Barbara Rosas started with the Colusa County Transit after she stopped and talked to then bus driver, Joy Baca.

“I was looking for a full time job and one day I saw a bus drive by my home,” said Rosas, “I went up to the bus and asked some questions and I’ve been working with the transit ever since.”

Rosas is the department’s operations manager.

When Barbara isn’t helping answer the phones, she makes sure the buses are properly scheduled and staffed.

As a dispatcher, Franny Dennis has worked eighteen years with the Colusa County Transit, and dispatching for the last two years.

“I enjoy being able to provide transportation to those that need our service and give many their independence for their daily activities,” said Dennis.

Both Dennis and Rosas have lots of tips to those calling in and requesting the service.

“We schedule rides on a first come, first served basis,” said Dennis, “It is very important to schedule your pickups a day in advance to ensure that you are on time for your appointments.”

While Rosas says, it’s important to know your address.

“Please know your current address and the address to where you are going,” said Rosas, “It makes it easier for our drivers to find you.”

Dennis commented that they offer ticket books at the office for those who use their service frequently, helping to reduce the stress of having the exact change.

“We have ticket books available, and if anyone would like to purchase one, ask the driver, and they will bring you by to purchase one,” said Dennis.

With 30 years of experience, Rosas commented that after many years, passengers become friends.

“We have passengers that have been riding with the transit for as long as I’ve been here,” said Rosas, “It’s nice because it’s like talking with old friends.”

When not answering the phones, Dennis enjoys gardening, and the quiet moments when she can reflect on all the blessings in her life; and Rosas enjoys spending time with her family and making an annual trip to the Craft Fair.

Give the Colusa County Transit a Call today and let Frannie or Barbara help you get to your destination. The Colusa County Transit is available, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM by calling (530) 458-0287.

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