Monday, March 1, 2021


Northern Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Technical Advisory Committee Seeking Appointments

The Northern Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management (NSVIRWM) Board is soliciting interested individuals to serve on their Technical Advisory Committee (NSV TAC) in one of three at-large appointments. The NSVIRWM area includes all or part of the Counties of Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Shasta, Sutter and Tehama. The NSVIRWM Plan includes projects that further the group’s goals and objectives, which were identified in a highly transparent public process beginning September 2011. The NSVIRWM Plan was completed and approved by the NSV Board in April 2014. As the plan moves forward into the implementation phase, the NSV Board is restructuring the NSV TAC as required under the organization’s By-Laws.

Currently the NSV TAC is comprised of two appointments made by each Board of Supervisors for their respective county and three at-large public interest representatives from within the region, which were appointed by the seated NSV Board. There are also two non-voting members; one from the State Department of Water Resources (DWR) and one from the Northern California Water Association (NCWA). The NSV TAC is a working group that advises the NSV Board and acts as staff to the NSV Board. Activities of the NSV TAC are directed by the NSV Board.

The two appointments made by the individual Boards of Supervisors consist of one county-level staff representative and one landowner representative from each of the six counties. The at-large public interest representatives are the subject of this press release and are appointed by the full NSV Board. The NSV Board has further specified that one of the at-large appointments be a designated Tribal representative. The Tribal appointment shall be open to any representative of a California Native American Tribe (Tribe) located within the region. The Tribal representative shall be appointed by a Tribe and approved by the full NSV IRWM Board.

All at-large appointments to the NSV TAC must reside within one of the six NSV counties and be prepared to travel within the region to attend TAC meetings. Candidates are expected to commit to serving on the NSV TAC for two years and have a general understanding of water resources within the NSV region. Interested individuals should submit a resume and cover letter (three pages total maximum) explaining why they should be selected to serve on the NSV TAC. Hard copies or electronic submittals of interest shall be received by noon on January 5, 2015 to be eligible for consideration. The appropriate documents should be sent to: Vickie Newlin, Chair, NSV Technical Advisory Committee 308 Nelson Avenue, Oroville, CA 95965, or via e-mail at:

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