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Colusa County Transit Expands Service Hours

Transit Rates1The Colusa County Transit announced it would be expanding hours of operation starting January 5, 2015 in order to serve the residents of Colusa County.

As the only rural transportation provider for Colusa County, the Transit Agency has added additional time slots to many of its popular routes with the extension of service hours to 7:00 p.m.

“I hope with the new schedule we will be able to accommodate our community better and provide expanded hours to our passengers,” said Transit Manager, Kent Boes.

In addition to longer hours of operation, the Colusa County Transit will now have a Williams Curricular bus available for those wanting to travel to destinations within the city said Boes.

“This has been an unmet need for years,” Boes commented.

Fare Increase

Transit ScheduleThe agency also approved to raise its current fares 25¢ while lowering the fares of another service.

“The rate increase is way overdue,” said Colusa County Board of Supervisor, Kim Vann, “We have not had a price increase in a very long time.”

The last time the agency raised its rates was in 2005 – again the agency increased the fare by 25¢.

In 1979 when the transit agency began the fare was $1.00, adjusted for inflation the rate is suggested at over $3.00.

Boes also reported that he was excited to reduce the fare for the child rate for the Yuba City bus hoping to open the opportunity again to many passengers.

“I hope to see the Yuba City ridership come back,” said Boes, “the trip is now once again affordable for parents with young children.”

The child fare for the Yuba City bus was reduced from $3.50 to $1.50; adult fare remains unchanged at $3.50.

New Buses Ordered

In addition to service changes and the fare increase, the Colusa County Transit Authority approved the purchase of five new, 19 passenger, transit buses.

“The new buses will replace the aging, high-mileage buses,” said Boes, “The new buses will be very similar to the buses we already have.”

The buses purchased at $75,068.28 each. Funding was made possible through a specialized grant.

“The new buses are purchased with grant funding, and no transit funds were used,” said Boes.

Furthermore, the busses will have increased security for passengers and the drivers.

“The new buses are expected to arrive this summer,” said Boes.

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