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January 10, 2014

Colusa Daily Times • 12/22/1933
For the second time in six months experienced cracksmen mysteriously entered the big warehouse of Farmers Warehouse Company, near the Southern Pacific Depot in Williams and of which C. L. Schaad is manager, sometime last night and blasted their way into the big vault, escaping with only $40.00, but more than usual left in the safe.  The vault was practically wrecked with the explosion of nitro-glycerin, commonly known as “soup”.
The burglary was discovered at an early hour this morning by Manager Schaad as reported for the day’s activities.  Sheriff George R. Houx and deputies were notified and the authorities of the surrounding cities and counties were put on their guard, just as much to put them on their guard against suspicious characters as in the hope to capture the culprits.
Only cash was taken, everything else, books and valuable papers being left untouched.  Although Schaad could give no estimate as to the actual amount of cash, he said that the amount on hand was larger than usual because of heavy receipts during the past day or two from the sale of turkeys and eggs.  Schaad was bewildered in an effort to offer and explanation as to how the burglars entered the building.  Every door was bolted and locked when the warehouse was closed last night.  Even this morning the doors appeared to have been untouched.  The clever “artists” left absolutely no evidence of having entered and left the building according to Schaad’s early examination.
Only a few months ago the same company was dynamited and robbed of valuable jewels owned by Mrs. B. L. Fouch.
After considerable trouble the authorities late yesterday detained Lyle. D. Gray on a misdemeanor charge sworn out against him by his wife Catherine Gray, mother of the couple’s three children. The warrant was issued by Justice of the Peace George B. Reckers of Williams.  It charged that Gray, though physically able, has failed to provide food and shelter for his three children: Gene, Lue Ellen, and Wallace.
Gray posted nominal bail here last night and was released pending his hearing before the superior court.
The annual Christmas party held by Central Lodge No. 229 and Pearl Rebekah Lodge No. 181 of Williams in the I. O. O. F. Hall was largely attended by families of both organizations.  At the close of the program Santa Clause arrived distributing candy, oranges, nuts, and popcorn balls. The remainder of the evening was spent playing cards.
On the eve of this, the first Christmas of the existence of the Colusa Daily Times, the publishers wish to express their most sincere appreciation of a considerate public, and a generous patronage in a period when business big and little, stalked almost hopelessly through the forest of economic unrest and darkness.
Grateful indeed are we for the support that has been given us in the venture  which has attracted the attention of the entire valley and the newspaper agencies of the nation.
Business is on the upturn and there is a new spirit of optimism prevailing in the Sacramento Valley as elsewhere in the nation.  The price of commodities is advancing and stabilizing.  Colusa county prune men frankly state they have had the best season in years.  Rice is moving by the thousands of sacks every few days and the price is up.  Whatever means, more and better conditions for the farmer and orchardists means much more to the entire community.
Payrolls are getting better every day, due largely to the attitude of the Federal government in its campaign to restore confidence and give the American dollar a stable value.  The Daily Times has attempted and believes that it has been successful in some small way for having made this section of California a better place to live and work in because of its existence and endeavors.
When the great yule season comes again, the Times will again express its appreciation to its constituency and will be prepared at that time to relate still further advancement and progress in the community, still larger payrolls, greater goodwill, a newspaper giving twice the service of the times today with a paid up circulation standing around the 4,000 mark.
Colusa Daily Times • 12/29/1933
The most bounteous downpour of the 1933-34 season visited Colusa and vicinity between 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon and 7 o’clock this morning, during which in 14 hours, 1.34 inches of rain had fallen according to Fred Farnsworth, in charge of the official gauge.  This brought the total fall for the season up to the more respectable 3.74 inches.  The rainfall dissipated the cold, gloomy belt of fog which hung like a mantle over Colusa for a full eight days without intermission.

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