Saturday, April 10, 2021


My Little Mayberry: Inquiring Colusan Minds

You’re going along, see something and wonder, “Hey! What’s that all about?” Inquiring Colusan Minds at work. Recent questions you may have had:

If it’s such a dire drought, why are the streets flooded by fire hydrants?

It’s very weird to surf through troughs of water when you just reminded your kids to shut off the shower! But there’s a really good reason for those hydrant releases. Jesse Cane, Colusa Public Works Administrative Director (and really excellent explainer), says sediment from iron and manganese builds up in the lines, creating nasty tasting, brown water. The conduits must be flushed to prevent gakky (my word) water. This year releases have been cut back to 30% of the usual to conserve. So, it’s water on the street for a little while to keep what’s coming out of your tap nice and clear for the long run.

When will 8th Street from Egling to the High School be completely paved again?

This section of 8th Street is one of the busiest in town with traffic from Colusa High School, Our Lady Lourdes, Fairground activities, Recology and city vehicles up and down it constantly. The paving is a pocked mess. You’d be afraid to drive a Smart Car because it might fall into one of the craters. There are more patches than an Amish quilt. Okay, I’ve had my fun. Now the good news! Public Works states the equipment requested in the master plan several years ago has now been purchased. 8th Street is scheduled to have proper paving begin within the year. This will take time to complete but is on the schedule. Only the shock absorber/auto repair folks will be disappointed.

What’s being built on Bridge Street next to Volunteer Services?

The very helpful Karen of the Building Permits Department reports it will be a Dollar General Store. Penny for your thoughts!

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