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News Back Then: July 18, 2014

Williams Farmer

Williams, the town of great possibilities, is on the eve of a big step forward. It is in the air, you feel it everywhere.

Williams is about to snap out of her long nightmare and advance to the front with great strides.

The two factions that have been at loggerheads for the last half a century, in the town and the community of Williams, have at last realized the folly of pulling opposite directions when by pulling together they can get somewhere and accomplish something worthwhile. In the next year you will see the town of Williams, and the country surrounding, accomplish much the way of developments and improvements.

The Glenn-Colusa ditch will be extended to our dry lands; the water and sewer bonds will go over without a hitch at the next bond election, and it is predicted that one of our oil projects will bring in a well during that time.

Several new buildings are now being planned for the town at this time, one of them is the erection of a fine hotel building, and it will surely good, as all that is holding it back at this time is the water and sewer situation, and we are all going to see that the town secures this much needed improvement in the near future.

Won’t it be a grand and glorious feeling when the town of Williams begins to do things, when you hear the sound of hammers, see the dirt flying, with every man that wants to work, working and drawing down good money.

Just as soon as this work starts you will see outside capitol become interested in the town of Williams, and they will come here and invest their money in different enterprises.

Williams is destined to make a town of several thousand people, one of the best towns of the northern part of the state. And its growth will be governed by the attitude of its present population.

We are convinced that every citizen in the town of Williams wishes to see the town go ahead, and we are also of the opinion that a big majority of them realize the fact that right now is the time to make a start, because if the town ever once gets started to go ahead there will be nothing in the world that can hold her back. She will be like a skyrocket, all it needed was a light to touch off the fuse, and it was on its way.

Williams needs a start, will you help give her that start?

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