Saturday, April 10, 2021


My Little Mayberry: Pip,Pip, Buggy-O!

So many mosquitoes hang around my porch that a bat has taken up residence.  Like some kind of bat MacDonald’s.   Scientists estimate a little brown bat can eat 600+ mosquitoes an hour.  Horrifying to think how many bugs there’d be if he WASN’T hungry.

This buggy season requires vigilance and imagination.  Of course, the topical sprays.  Of course long sleeves & pant legs even when it’s 100 degrees (oh wait, that’s June through October now!).  Of course, no dawn or twilight outings.

Speaking of Twilight, do mosquitoes bite Vampires?   Some weird kind of justice, that.

Additional creative ways folks have shared to fight the bite:  1) ThermaCell, sold at Kittles is really effective.  It’s a 8″x3″ device using butane cartridges to heat a pad infused with allethrin, a synthetic chrysanthemum derivative.  I knew I loved chrysanthemum’s for some reason.  Keeps the pests at bay for a 15×15 area.   2)  Avon Skin So Soft BugGuard – wow, the product’s come a long way since being in the pretty pink bottle.   3)  British Mixology – the Gin and Tonic.  The Brits learned to use anti-malarial, fever reducing quinine in their drinks to discourage the blood parasites resulting from the “nasty buggers” bite.   Quinine is produced from cinchona tree bark.  It was used in ancient times by natives in Peru and Boliva.   What a pleasant solution to the problem, eh what?  Check with your doctor first, as always .

Colusa Mosquito Abatement District warns that Yellow Fever and Asian Tigers have joined the already thriving local species.  They are vectors for yellow fever, West Nile Virus, encephalitis and good ol’ malaria.

David Whitesell was very pleased to share good news: almost 90% of voters said YES to keep this extremely important and hard working service running tip top.  Check out their website for more helpful info.  Cheers!

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