Saturday, April 10, 2021


Letter to the Editor: Fesitval of Lights

Dear Editor,

Another year, another Festival of Lights has come and gone, and we would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to thank all the people who helped to make it happen.

Just like Thanksgiving dinner, it takes months of planning, organizing and checking off the list of things to be done to make it happen, and then, it’s over – just like that!

Beginning with the beautiful tree in the town square. For our community to enjoy the festive tree, there has to be coordination between the Forest Service, Volunteers of the Maxwell Fire Department and the Citizens for a Better Williams. That is when a tree is selected, a month in advance.

Not knowing the weather conditions when the tree is harvested, several trees are selected at different altitudes. Each tree must meet the standards of grandeur to grace Town Square.  Committee-member, Andi Armstrong has taken on the task and through her coordination, the cutting and loading of the tree by our friends at Maxwell Fire Department, and the donation of the tree hauling by Allen Gobel and family of Blue Fire Farms, the tree made its way off the hill.

Setting the tree is quite another matter, and we have to thank Viking Pools for their generous donation of the use of their crane. We must not forget the Williams Public Works personnel for always doing a “stand up” job!  Once the tree is secure, the Williams Fire Department jumps into action using their ladder truck to set the lights and secure the star.

A few weeks before the tree is decorated; you’ll find some our hard working volunteers decorating the downtown trees on a Sunday morning. This year we had the help of Williams High School students. We are grateful for their help!
As far back as September, the plans for the parade and downtown stroll begins to take shape with Lloyd Green Jr and Andi Armstrong fielding the forms and answering questions.

The parade would never happen without the coordination of public works employee Pete Garcia, Steve Woldanski and Ed Anderson from the Williams Police Department. We would also like to thank the members of the Colusa County Sheriff’s Volunteers Unit for helping keep everyone safe.

This is the first year the Williams Volunteer Firefighter Association, and the Williams Police Officers Association entered floats to be judged – It was awesome!

Bruce Rolen steps up to be our Master of Ceremonies for both the Festival of Lights and the Pioneer Day parades. It is always fun to listen to him spin a tale or two while announcing the entries.

The judges for this year’s Festival of Lights Parade were, Karla Cervantes, Laura Carrillo, and Stephanie Juarez from US Bank and Don Parsons, Asst. Veterans Service Officer and a resident of Williams.

So you see, it takes a village to bring and event of this magnitude to our community and in a few short months we will be back with Pioneer Day!
We thank all who came out to support the local vendors and to applaud the entries as the made their way down the street. It’s the local businesses who support us, and help to make this happen.

Congratulations to Williams Hardware for taking home the first place prize of $200.00! Charlie Schapp and J.V.’s Grooming tied for second place, splitting the $150.00 prize.

Now that it’s over, we hope to see you next year. There’s always room for one more float!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Pat Ash
Citizens for a Better Williams, President

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