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Discover the benefits of music for your toddler

Melissa Baikie-Rick understands that music is fundamental to a toddler’s development and that the parent and toddler group environment promotes an active scholastic development within a child.

Starting in January, Melissa Baikie-Rick will begin hosting a group toddler and parent music class at the Williams Community Center.

“Studies have shown that the crucial development period of a child is the ages between two and five,” said Baikie-Rick, “These are the prime years to introduce music to children.”

Baikie-Rick commented that various studies have concluded that music helps boost the brain’s power, improves memory, and helps build confidence, and most of all, helps the child become more social.

As Baikie-Ricks son entered the toddler years, she sought the opportunity of a toddler musical group and found none.

“Because I could not find what I was looking for, I started the program myself,” said Baikie-Rick.

The music group will be held every Tuesday during the months of January and February from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

“This is not a daycare,” said Baikie-Rick, “It is a play group with an emphasis on music where the children will play instruments, sing, and dance.”

The parents or guardians of the children are expected to attend, participate, and be responsible for their child, added Baikie-Rick.

Baikie-Rick further commented that musical talent is not required; her focus remains on the child and providing a happy melodious environment.

Baikie-Rick is seeking small percussion instruments for purchase or as a donation to the program.

“If anyone has any percussion instruments aside from maracas and tambourines, please contact me,” said Baikie-Rick.

Any parents wishing to bring their musical instruments to the class are asked to contact Melissa in advance.

If you are interested in the Music with Melissa program, please contact Melissa Baikie-Rick at (530) 405-6150. It is requested to reserve your space as attendance is limited.

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