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Colusa City Reminds Property Owners to Complete and Return Pools, Parks, and Trees Improvement District Ballot

A few months ago the City of Colusa mailed over 3,000 ballots to property owners within the City of Colusa regarding the proposed assessment increase for the cities pools, parks, and trees improvement district. According to Colusa City Public Works Director, Jessie Cain, about 400 ballots were returned.

“It is important for property owners to complete the ballot and return them to the city,” said Cain.

In 1996, the City of Colusa formed the Pools, Parks and Trees improvement district which provides funding for the improvements, maintenance and servicing of swimming pools, landscaping, tennis courts, sprinkler systems, park grounds, park facilities, and other recreation facilities in the city.

At the time of formation, each single family swelling was assessed $36.00 per year on its property taxes.

“We haven’t had an increase in the past 18 years,” said Cain, “in recent years, it has been difficult to maintain and offer the services of the district on the limited budget.”

The district was originally designed to utilize the assessment to provide services, and not to rely upon subsidies from the general fund. While no adjustment to the assessment has been made, costs of maintaining the city pools, parks, and trees continues to escalate.

“Currently it costs about $99 per year, per dwelling to maintain current services,” said Cain.

The City of Colusa proposes an increase of $21 per single family dwelling each year for the next three years, for a total annual increase of $63.

“This total will equal the amount of the current annual shortfall in revenue,” said Cain.

If approved, the increase in the assessment means that the City will continue to open and operate the newly refurbished pool, continue fall and winter leaf collection, and maintaining the city parks and play equipment.

Additionally the city will be able to maintain and replace street trees, repair sidewalks and keep the cost of facilities rentals low.

If failed, the assessment will not be adopted and the city will continue to subsidize costs from other funds which may reduce other city services or providing only limited, and necessary services.

Property owners must return their ballots to Colusa City Hall by February 3, 2015 by 6:30 PM.

A public hearing will be held on February 3, 2015 at 6:30 PM at Colusa City Hall to hear all public comment regarding the proposed assessment increase and the ballots will be tabulated at the close of the hearing.

Did you lose your ballot or did not receive one? Stop in Colusa City Hall and the staff can reissue a ballot.

For more information, questions please contact Colusa City Hall at (530) 458-4941.

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